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In conjunction with the 8th Global Congress of Gynecologic Minimal Invasive Surgery of COGA (Chinese Obstetric Gynecology Association), the purpose of this Congress is to review, inform, and showcase current and innovative clinical research and surgical techniques of minimally invasive gynecology.  

Throughout the entire Congress, the participant will be immersed in experiential learning. Two full days (Day I and Day II) are devoted to 8 in-depth postgraduate courses that cover all areas of minimally invasive gynecology. Day III is dedicated in its entirety to showcasing the most current and innovative surgical techniques and procedures.  

Over 20, ranging from gynecological cancers, severe endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapse, myomectomy, difficult hysterectomy to operative hysteroscopy live surgical case demonstrations will be transmitted from various centers throughout China.

 Via the most sophisticated tele-transmission technology available, unparalleled clarity and the minutest detail of each live surgery will be possible for optimum learning by the audience. On Day IV and Day V, besides the regular video and oral presentations, a keynote lecture and/or panel discussions will be presented in the general sessions twice per day.

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